Friday, 21 March 2008

TimeMachine with AirPort Disk: Finally

Apple yesterday released updates to their AirPort Extreme and TimeCapsule base stations and Time Machine which allows Time Machine to use an AirPort disk for backup (I have an extreme with about 1.5TB hanging off it). Finally. For those of you with a laptop like me, this means you can have a safe and secure Mac without living life in a bird's nest of cables and disks.

I configured it with a new disk yesterday, and it works great - just connect to the drive (by clicking on it in the left bar in Finder), and it appears in the Time Machine window and can be selected as the target for backups. The good news is that it seems very stable and happy - putting the laptop to sleep and waking it up again during a backup seems to have no impact, which is great. The bad news is that I started my first backup more than 24 hours ago, and it's still running. Whoops. Learn from my mistake: do your first full backup with the drive physically connected, otherwise you'll spend the next three weeks watching paint dry.

All in all though, it's great news that those of us that invested in AirPort Extreme base stations are being given the same privileges as those investing in brand new Time Capsules.

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