Friday, 7 December 2007

Paul Freemantle: A new kind of (SOA) Registry

Forgive the misleading title; Paul isn't actually a new kind of SOA registry. But he does know a bit about them, it would seem. Especially the bad bits. Paul is proposing a REST-based registry implementation which completely sidesteps UDDI and friends. Paul's main accusation of the SOA Registry and Repository market is that it's very biassed towards commercial software, which is absolutely true. While I'm not convinced that this is UDDI's fault per-se, I do think there are plenty of things wrong with UDDI anyway, so am more than happy to see some alternatives on the scheme. What I love about the approach Paul's describing is its simplicity. Every other registry product I've looked at before (which isn't many, to be fair) has been almost defined by its complexity. Many even feel like they use it as a selling point. What Paul's describing does away with all that, relying instead on simple foundations (REST and ATOM), and then allowing the complexity to be built outside of the registry, just like in the blogging world. One to watch, I think. I'm off to download the code.

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