Thursday, 29 November 2007

Good morning and welcome...

So, I'm sat on a train, watching the morning slide by on my way to work. I'm trying to set up a blog. I'm waiting for the signal on my 3G card, entering then name for the blog. Signal check? Check. Go! Oh wait, it's gone again. Rinse, repeat. 27 minutes later, and I have the beginnings of a new blog. One day, we'll all communicate through telepathy. Until then, there's GPRS. Anyway, welcome to the dawn of yet another new blog. I work in the IT industry as a technical architect, primarily on SOA solutions. For anyone who doesn't know their SOA from their Sushi, SOA stands for Service Oriented Architecture. If you're still in the dark (you lucky things), I'll explain another day. When I'm not working, I indulge myself by taking photos, listening to music and watching the world slide by at 7:33am. Good morning, and welcome.

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